Salmon fishing in the Verdal river

Two valleys run to the east towards Sweden from the Verdal river, Inndalen and Helgådalen. Both locations have their own river, Inna and Helgåa. These join just above Vuku and form the Verdal river proper. The Verdal river is one of the best rivers in the country for salmon. Today, the salmon-leading part of the river is as large as 55 km. In 1990, Europe's largest salmon staircase was opened in the waterfall Granfossen. The fishing stretch is very interesting, with many river pools and rapids. It's easily accessible, and is well suited for sports fishing. It is also an Eldorado for fly fishers. The last two seasons have seen record fishing in the river, and all prognoses indicate the same for this year.

Fishing season is from June 1. until August 15. All fishers above 16 years of age must purchase a fishing card, including ladies as of the 2011 season. Adolescents between 16 and 19 years of age, may purchase seasonal fishing card
for Kr. 350, if they are NJFF members. Pensioners and welfare recipients that are members of NJFF may purchase seasonal fishing card for Kr 1200. Children below the age of 16 may fish for free.

Card types VJFF member / non-member

Day card, all zones Kr. 300 / Kr. 400

Weekly card Kr. 500 / Kr. 600

Seasonal card Kr. 2000 / Kr. 2500

The river has 45 different beats divided across the whole watercourse. 'All Zones'-cards gives you the right to fish in all 45 beats. The Verdal river is specially developed to provide salmon fishing opportunities for families
that enjoy fishing. Fishing cards can be bought on the camping grounds. You can also have your catch smoked. This process takes 3-4 days.

Free fishing for our guests

Adolescents 16-19 years of age get seasonal cards for Kr 350 with iNJFF membership.

Many mountain waters

It's not just the salmon that bites in Verdal. Further into the mountains on both sides of the valley, you can find a multitude of smaller rivers, ponds and mountain waters with decent trout and charr fishing. The large water Leksdalsvatnet is known as a remarkably good fishing water where many Norwegians and Swedes meet, and the fish bites willingly. In February, ice fishing is also done here. The fishing areas are approx. 4-10 km from the camping grounds. Charr is the most common fish, but trout is also found.

Average sizes are between 0,3-1 kg.

Prices for Leksdalsvatnet:

Price for fishing cards per day is Kr. 25, per week Kr. 75, yearly Kr. 150

Boat rental is available.

Fishing cards are sold on the camping grounds.