Salmon Fishing in the Verdalselva River

From the Verdalselva River, two valleys stretch eastward towards Sweden, Inndalen and Helgådalen. Both places have their own rivers, Inna and Helgåa. These meet just above Vuku and form the Verdalselva River itself. Verdalselva is one of the country's best salmon rivers. The salmon-bearing part is now 55 km long. In 1990, Europe's largest salmon ladder was opened in Granfossen. The fishing stretch is very interesting with many pools and rapids, it is easily accessible and well organized for sports fishing, and a haven for fly fishermen. The last two seasons have seen good fishing in the river, and all forecasts indicate the same for this year.

On Verdalselva.no you will find all the information you need regarding rules, reporting catches, etc.

The fishing season lasts from June 1st to July 31st.

Stiklestad Camping has its own well-managed stretch of about 1500 meters.

Mountain Lakes

It's not just the salmon biting the hook in Verdal. Inland towards the mountains on both sides of the valley, there are a plethora of smaller rivers, ponds, and mountain lakes with decent trout and char. The large Leksdalsvatnet is known as an exceptionally good fishing lake where many Norwegians and Swedes meet, and where the fish bite willingly. February sees lively ice fishing. The fishing areas are located approximately 4-10 km from the campground. The catch is mostly char, but trout can also be found. The average size is 0.3-1 kg.


  • Day pass guest/non-guest: 200/300 NOK
  • Week pass guest/non-guest: 500/600 NOK
  • Season pass guest/non-guest: 2000/2500 NOK

Everyone fishing in salmon-bearing watercourses must have paid a fishery fee to the state, except for children/youth under 18 years old.
Disinfection of fishing equipment is done at the campground (50,-).

On inatur.no you can purchase fishing licenses that apply to several stretches of the Verdalselva River.

Leksdalsvatnet Prices

  • Fishing pass per day: 25 NOK
  • Per week: 75 NOK
  • Annual pass: 150 NOK

Fishing passes can be purchased at the campground and boat rental is available.

Welcome to an exciting fishing season!